eCommerce to the Rescue

Imagine the impact...
a non-profit could have on their revenue if they owned a unique shopping portal and had just 1,000 supporters use it for their online shopping needs.

If you can't imagine, let me help you...
If these 1,000 supporters spent approximately $100 per month in online shopping from stores they know and love, they would shockingly generating revenue for their non-profit in the realm of $1,600 monthly and $19,200 annually. All without asking for a traditional donation.

What could this do to the face of non-profits?


  1. I've been watching your posts on Twitter. Nice job!

  2. SHOCKING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Great post and love the link to an example of a "unique shopping portal". LOVE IT!
    -Twitter Follower and NFP supporter

  3. Twitter Follower and NFP supporter, THANK YOU for the comment!
    The "unique shopping portal" that Retail Benefits offers can be completely customized with NFP logo, colors, slogan, etc. Their state-of-the-art technology is one of a kind.

  4. Wonderful tool for any organization trying to raise money. I see Boys and Girls Club and Autism Speaks are currently using it. Very nice.