Trust is a Must

Do you meet new people wherever you go? Do you know how to build rapport, establish a new relationship and get them to trust you? Easy for some, painful for others...but a MUST if you're in sales. The truth is, most people miss these basic communication skills and wonder why they're lacking leads. Embrace these simple steps and enjoy the doors that will open for you.

1. Smile - This is HUGE! Your smile is powerful and changes the environment around you. People will gravitate to you saying, "I want what she's got."
2. Encourage - Make people feel good. Give a compliment... about ANYTHING. You can make someones day at any moment. Do it. They will then engage with you because they want more.
3. Be genuinely interested - This is difficult if you share no common interests. Can you hang in there and make a connection? Don't be the most important person in the relationship, let them be.
4. Listen and pay attention - Did you know that when you allow someone to talk about THEMSELVES, they begin to trust YOU? Understanding this fact gives you a strong advantage. Master it...and don't ever interrupt.
5. Control the conversation - The one asking the questions is the one in control. Don't assume you know it all. Keep them talking about themselves as long as possible.

Now ask yourself, "What can this new relationship lead to?" Perhaps you just built rapport with your next SALE! People will do business with others they like, know and trust. Let that be YOU.


  1. SOLID ADVICE. Great stuff Lisa.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog AND comment. Much appreciated!

  3. Very clean and professional blog. You continue to impress.

    -Twitter Follower

  4. Someone who "gets it".

  5. Thank you for writing on Trust. Without trust we can never really achieve or excel to our greatest abilities. As you mentioned, listening can be the easiest way to gain trust and build a relationship or just simply help someone that may need your help. Thank you for your sincere posts.

  6. So true Amy. Thank you for the comment!

  7. Hi Lisa!

    Great article! I especially liked how your #1 is smiling. People underestimate the power of a smile!

  8. Charles,
    Thank you for the comment.
    I must agree!!! A simple smile goes a long way.